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Getting Back into a Routine

I recently joined Self Magazine’s “Reach Your Goal” workout plan.  You can choose from four exercise plans, and I chose the program that touts you can lose eight pounds in a month.  Tomorrow I am going to hit the lakefront trail and work through this little workout. 


Warm up for 2 minutes at level 3, then bust a move at level 7 for 9 minutes. Next, channel your inner kangaroo and alternate 30 seconds of jumping rope with 10 jumping jacks; repeat circuit 3 times. Go back to your cardio and push yourself for 4 minutes at level 8. Cool down for 2 minutes at level 3. Total time: 19 minutes

The program also gives you recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I found a great recipe at for almond chicken stir-fry that I am sure I will try later this week.  

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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Justin Can Shake It!

This song is definitely in my workout playlist!

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How many calories do ugly cries burn?

Have you ever had a good, ugly cry? You know the kind I am talking about, where you don’t even try to hold anything in. Mucus is pouring out of your nose, mascara is streaming down, red splotches take over your face, and for whatever reason, you have a plethora of stringy spit coming out of your mouth, as well. I had one of those the other night, after my free, personal training session that I received with my new gym membership.


Yes, I just joined a gym and decided this extra poundage has just got to go. Saddle bags and spare tires do not belong on a 23 year old body or any body for that matter, so I decided to bite the bullet and hand over my $200 to XSport Fitness.

Along with my new membership I received one complimentary personal training session. Being a marketer (or just someone with a functioning brain) I knew that this was a ploy to suck me into paying for a personal trainer, and I decided going into this that I would say “no” to any offer. Also, in order to get your 30-day money back guarantee you have to meet with a trainer, and go in 10 of those 30 days, and with this economy, I am not taking any chances.

So I met Jerry (name has been changed), and he was great! I got some sobering facts about my weight, BMI and body fat percentage, but it was just the push I needed to motivate me. I was only with Jerry an hour, but I got attached to this new, what I deemed, work-out buddy of mine. We laughed, I sweated and we shared personal weight loss stories.

Then at the end of my workout, I met his otherside-salesman. He really made me feel that I could not drop this weight without him. He told me I was more at risk for cancer and other diseases, and positioned himself to be my savior. He could get me to where I needed to be in 20 weeks and to a weight I probably haven’t seen since freshman year of high school. Unfortunately, I couldn’t commit to $600 down payment.

I left XSport with a mish mosh of feelings, and it comes out in my apartment as one, huge, mother of all mothers, ugly cry. Thank goodness for my boyfriend! We talked about it, why I was feeling fat and hopeless, and my main complaint was that I can’t sort through the clutter of health food, diet, workout, exercise clutter that is out there. I get so frustrated and confused and thought, if only I could afford this personal trainer, he/she could do the sorting for me! It truly is a battle for me to decide what to eat for lunch, a mid-day snack and dinner, or if I should be having eight small meals a day! One issue of my Women’s Health will tell me to drink 10, 8 ounce glasses of water a day, and then the next issue says that it is a “myth.” Say what?!


And here we are! My solution? Start a blog! Let’s sort it through together and have some laughs along the way (I hear it burns calories). Maybe no one will read this, but in my head I feel like this will make me more accountable. I have a great workout buddy lined up (more on her excellence later) a great online tool I found (more on that stellar invention later), and a couple of more things I want to get off my mind, like gym fashion.

So lace up your sneakers, squeeze into some spandex, get your sweat on and Internet high-five me! My goal? Drop 20 pounds in 20 weeks.


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