I live in Poopville

Seriously, I do.  I would like to say that I tried to give more thought to a more mature title for this post, but I didn’t!

As I was walking down my street this weekend in the broad daylight, I noticed some disgusting nuggets of poop nestled in the white once white snow. The were there, staring at me, frozen in time and sometimes sprinkled with urine.

I saw one, then I saw another, until I was literally about ready to toss my cookies.  I kept pointing them out to Richard finding one bigger than the next.

I would never categorize myself as an animal person, but if I were, I can assure you I would take the 5 seconds to pick up after my dog.  The only reasons I can give these lazy dog owners are as follows:

  • It is freakin’ cold in Chicago.  I know, I know, you take Fido out then you run back in.  Take the time to bundle yourself up next time, so you have the time to pick up after your dog.
  • Winters means that night comes sooner.  Maybe they tried to pick up the poop but got confused and accidentally picked up a twig, pile of mulch or a tootsie roll.
  • No one is out in the winter, which means you can be lazier. There are no other Lakeviewians to keep you accountable.

So, when you are in my hood, I will welcome you to Poopville, population 2,000 turds.

Who is ready for lunch?!


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Worst Super Bowl Foods

Over at Men’s Health, you can find a special installment of Eat This Not That for the Super Bowl. I know I am a day late and a dollar short, but these foods are your typical “go to’s” for any get together.

So who is ready for a healthy dose of post-Super Bowl guilt (calorie free)? Here we go!

Worst Dip:

Lay’s Creamy Ranch

Creamy badness

Creamy badness

60 calories
5 g fat (2.5 g saturated)
240 mg sodium

Worst Delivery Pizza

Papa John’s Personal Pan Meat Lovers Pizza (oh how I love you Papa Johns)


I love the garlic sauce!

900 calories
50 g fat (19 g saturated fat, 1 g trans fat)
2,530 mg sodium

Worst Popcorn (this one makes me sad)

Smart Foods White Cheddar Popcorn

I eat this as my "healthy" snack!

I eat this as my "healthy" snack!

160 calories
10 g fat (2 g saturated)
290 mg sodium

Click here to read more and discover what your healthy alternatives are!

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Stop Cravings

I think I am going to put all of the chocolate, cookies, ice cream and any other tantalizing temptation in these bags.


They are supposed to be used for anti-theft, but I will use them for anti-binge.  Click here to order yours.

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Wednesday Weigh-In

First of all, I highly recommend getting the stomach flu.  Nothing drops pounds faster than a nice little virus (it is a virus, right).  So I owe my total weight loss of 5 pounds to the flu.  Thank you for keeping me up all night and making be gag at the thought of food.  

scaleI just hope to be able keep it off. slowly but surely, slowly but surely.

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Big Ups: Des Moines Juice

I would like to introduce a new segment here at Shakin and Bakin and that is called “Big Ups.”  This is where I give props (or accolades) to something I feel is deserving.  Today I would like to highlight Des Moines Juice, most especially their Des Moines Juice Fitness Challenge

They are putting together some interesting articles from the experts, nutritionists, personal trainers and just regular old folk like me battling the bulge.  I particularly liked their WorkOut DVD reviews.


Awesome WorkOut DVD

Awesome WorkOut DVD

I was going back and forth to as whether or not I wanted to purchase WorkOut by Jackie Warner of BravoTV fame. Boy, I am glad I did.  Her workout is the best!  You can choose from upper body, lower body and core. I definitely woke up sore the next day.  

Does anyone else have any other suggestions?


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SAG Funny

Just in case you missed this last night, here are John Krasinski, of The Office and Amy Poehler

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Why I Exercise

I exercise in hopes that one day I too can wear this dress and look as good in it as Kate Winslet does:


Kate Winslet at the SAG awards

Girl is killin’ it!

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