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Helen Wins Biggest Loser

Helen Phillips, the fighting 55 year old, won this year’s Biggest Loser. Helen dropped an impressive 140…yes, 140 pounds to take the title!  Congratulations!

Looking good!

Looking good!

Helen beat out Mike and Tara, who both lost impressive numbers, as well.
All I can say is that I am happy Ron didn’t win!  I am sorry folks, but he should have gone home to do his workouts with his son.  I respect the man for fighting through his injuries, but I think other people deserved to stay on the ranch longer.

I was anxious to see how the finalists did, but even more anxious to see how the tumultuous gray team did!

Grey Team


Joelle and Carla certainly had it out…with each other!  I have to say though, that they both did well, especially Carla.  Considering she was barely on the ranch at all, she did a great job at home!  Get it ladies!

After...job well done!

After...job well done!

The only contestants that didn’t seem to make a dent in their weight are the orange team.  I’ll post the pictures below, and you will see how difficult it is to determine which are the before and which are the after.  I hope they bring them back for another season.  I really want to see them succeed!

Before, Orange Team

Before, Orange Team

After, Orange Team

After, Orange Team

Can’t wait for next season!


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Biggest Loser Winner!

I love the Biggest Loser!  It is so inspirational to watch and gives me the motivation to do those extra five minutes of cardio or an extra set of sit-ups!

I am even more excited that Michelle won last night.  Look at how adorable she and her mom are!


I am so happy that Michelle won and not Vicky!  Ugh Vicky! Vicky who was by far, excuse the language, the biggest bitch in Biggest Loser history! She simply did not deserve to win.  Feel free to debate me on this, but I will be a hard person to persuade.

I also want to point out how fine Amy looks (on the left)!  Get it girl!


She and her mom look great, and I hope they keep it up.  I was always a secret Amy fan. Granted, she let Vicky and Heba take advantage of her, but I am glad she finished so well.  Keep it off Amy!


Finally, as my co-worker pointed out, the biggest loser may very well be Stacey (pictured above).  She was voted off the first week, and check her out now!


She did all of this at home!  Now, Stacey truly shows me that I can do it on my own too.

Pictures from NBC.com


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