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Oscar Party Invite


My friend Joe is amazingly funny and his wit in this email astounds me!  If you are looking for some enticing email language, I am sure he wouldn’t mind if you copied it–just give him the credit!

Emily and I would like to host an Oscar party and each of you is nominated to be THE VISITOR. The main event starts at 7pm, so feel free to SLUM on down to our place anytime around then. I can’t wait to see each of you, you’re all so cute as a BUTTON.

We’ll have some finger foods and some drinks (beer, soda, MILK, etc). If any of you want something sweet, feel free to bring anything FROSTed.  We’ll have sample ballots for each of you to fill out, but you’ll have to assign a READER to be able to figure out the ballot. In the case of a tie, we’ll bring in the WRESTLER for a final decision. Once the show has started there will be no CHANGELING of the ballots allowed. We will have lots of places to sit, or you can choose to stand up against the WALL-E. No DOUBT about it, it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Can’t wait to see all of you on Sunday! We’ll have a great time and then each of you will go your separate ways into the DARK KNIGHT down Halsted (or for a short cut you could take REVOLUTIONARY ROAD).

So, a little before 7pm, our place. See you then 🙂


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